Daiginjo-shu Sakura Bijin
This Daiginjo sake uses the selected ingredients (rice, rice malt, distilled alcohol) which are made with only Yamadanishiki rice cultivated in Tokushima. It is fermented at low temperature by Daiginjo brewed and stored with flowery aroma and rich rice flavor in wild cherry barrels.
Sake grades Daiginjo-shu
Contents 720ml
Alcohol content 17%
Rice polish 50%
Ingredients rice(Japanese), rice malt(Japanese), distilled alcohol
Why choose it? (1)
The refreshing flavor and thick taste that are all brewed from daiginjo made from Yamadanishiki,
and the flavor of the cherry tree that spreads out when it is included in the mouth, you can enjoy a new Japanese sake.
Why Choose it? (2)
It is stored in pure Japanese wild cherry barrels for emphasizing the natural cherry scent.
※Firstly, bottling the freshly pressed sake, and refrigerated storaging.
Secondly, this sake was packed in a 200L barrel made of only Japanese cherry blossoms to enclose the aroma of daiginjo and the flavor of the cherry tree.

Why choose it? (3)
In the autumn of 2016, we started producing “rice alcohol” which can be used as brewing alcohol for sake,using the whole amount of Yamadanishiki from Tokushima Prefecture. Unique to our company, rice, malted rice, and brewed alcohol are all made from Tokushima's Yamadanisiki.
Why choose it? (4)
IWC is the largest wine (Liquors) competition in the world, much prized authoritative award, held at England every April.
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