Naruto Kintoki Satomusume
Authentic potato Shochu ‘Naruto Kintoki Satomusume’ uses only ‘Satomusume’ brand sweet popato as the ingredients.
The type of Koji for this Shochu is White Koji, and it is made with locally produced rice, finished carefully and distilled under ordinary pressure. It is easy to drink with a mild taste and it has rich Umami. This is an authentic potato Shochu with light taste and slightly sweet flavor.

Types of alcohol Authentic Potato Shochu
Contents 750ml *only America
Alcohol content 25%
Ingredients Sweet potato(from Tokushima), malted rice
About Naruto Kintoki
  • ‘Natuto Kintoki’ is a high quality sweet potato in Tokushima which satisfies the strict conditions, and it has been popular in Japan for many years as a top brand of sweet potato. Among others, ‘Satomusume’ by JA Satoura is known as the best brand of ‘Naruto Kintoki’ with the fine and good shape and refined sweetness.
  • Why choose it? (1)

    This Shochu is easy to drink with refined sweetness and savory aroma of ‘Satomusume’.
    We recommend you to drink it on the rocks. It is also good to drink with soda or water if you prefer.
    Why Choose it? (2)

    The Monde Selection is the world's leading award for food. It is a competition also known as the ‘Olympics of food products’, and it was created for the purpose of improving food quality. This product won this award for three consecutive years from 2011 to 2013.
    These dish goes very well with Satomusume.
    ‘Satomusume’ is good to drink with food.
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