Awa Fragrance Sudachi-chu
‘Sudachi-chu’ uses 100% of natural Sudachi juice.
It uses only high quality Sudachi which is cultivated in the best season from the end of August to the end of September.
’Sudachi-chu’ tastes refreshing and goes well with any meal.
‘Sudachi-chu’ is a distilled liquor like Shochu and it is very popular, not only in Tokushima, but also other areas in Japan.
Types of alcohol Liqueur
Contents 750ml *only America
Ingredients Shochu group Ko(domestic), Sugar,
Sudachi juice(from Tokushima)、
Acidulant、Seasoning(Amino acids, etc.)
Alcohol content 20%
About Sudachi

Sudachi is dark green in color and it is about the size of a golf ball. Its best season is between August and September. Its juice is used as a luxury seasoning for cooking and making drinks including alcohol beverages. Sudachi juice is always a favorite for locals and it is often used on grilled fish and sashimi as a luxury seasoning.

Nutrition comparison of Sudachi, Yuzu and Lemon
Tokushima is the largest producer of Sudachi and owns over 90% of the Japanese market! The reason is that in Tokushima there are long days and a mild climate throughout the year is suitable for cultivating Sudachi.
Sudachi contains more richer nutrition than Lemon.
Yuzu peels are often thinly sliced for adding flavor to dishes. Also when cut in half, Sudachi can be poured over dishes and alcohol beverages.
Why Choose?
  • Best-selling products
    We started the production of ‘Sudachi-chu’ in 1985, and it has been our long-selling product for more than 38 years. There are other products of this series which are ‘Bitter Sudachi-chu, ‘Juiciness Sudachi-chu Excel’ and ‘Premium Super Sudachi-chu’. The total net sales made of the series is 30,000,000 bottles
  • Easy to Drink
    This liquor has fresh aroma and a slight bitterness of Sudachi. It also has a mild and sweet flavor, so it is easy to drink even for people who don’t drink Shochu (Japanese distilled spirits). Various ways to drink and enjoy Good to drink it on its own and also as a cocktail base In Japan, it is often enjoyed with ice and soda.
  • Awarded the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries prize
    In 1989, a high evaluation in the new technology / new development category was received at 1st Furusato Shokuhin Chuo competition and the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries prize was awarded.
  • Features
    Way of drinking
  • on the rocks
    Taste the original flavor
    of acetinine
    Sudachi-chu As much as you want
    Ice Large
  • With Soda
    Sour taste and
    bitterness match
    Sudachi-chu 50ml
    Carbonated water 150ml
  • These dish goes very well with Sudachi-chu.
  • Yakitori
  • Fried chicken
  • Potato chip
  • ‘Sudachi-chu’ contains full of Sudachi flavor and it pairs well with various dishes, so we recommend having it with a meal.
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