Junmai Ginjo-shu Awa Tensui
「Junmai Ginjo-shu」 is sake brewed with pure ground water of Yoshinogawa river which flows center of Tokushima, one prefecture of shikoku island, Japan and local grown rice. 「Awa Tensui」 is brewed with locally sourced 「Awa-Yamadanishiki」rice which polished to 55%, and made with utmost care.
Characterized with Fruity flavors and A Superb Mixture of Umami, Tart, Sweet. A distinctive sake with clean taste and a slight sharpness on the throat.

sake grades Junmai Ginjo-shu
contents 720ml
Rice Awa-Yamadanishiki
Rice polish 55%
Alcohol content 15%
Ingredients rice(from Tokushima), rice malt(Tokushima Rice)
Sake rice「Awa Yamadanishiki」is what is called Shuzo-Kotekimai(suitable for sake brewing).
  • Awa Yamadanishiki is grown in Awa-Town ,Awa-City where is surrounded mild climate broght from Asan Mountains.
    Cultivation had started since 1989, controlled fertilizer not too much protein. Fully cared and quality over quantity producing had proceeded and the name had registered aslective trademark in September, 2011.
    Awa Yamadanishiki has larger white center where contains good starch, and less protein and fat so makes sake soft and rich.
    ("AWA" is the former name for Tokushima.)
  • Why Choose?(1)
    This Sake can be enjoyed cold with refreshing Ginjo aroma, and warm enjoying the Umami of Awa Yamadanishiki rice.

    Why Choose?(2)
       The Milano Sake Challenge (MSC) is par excellence the sake competition aimed at the Italian public, held in Milan, Italy every year since 2019. The jury is composed almost exclusively of Italians, all chosen among the best Sake Sommeliers certified by the Sake Sommelier Association Italiana.

    Why Choose?(3)
       ‘Awa Juwari’ is a brand name of Junmai Sake which is brewed in Tokushima, using only sake rice cultivated and watered in Tokushima. The brand sake is evaluated and certified based on the flavor, aroma and balance by Tokushima Sake Brewers Association,

    These dish goes very well with sake.
    "Awa Tensui" is good to drink with food.
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