Kamiyama no Umeshu~7years aged~
A romantic history town, ‘Kamiyama-cho’
The clear stream of the Akui river, takes its water from Shikoku mountains which runs through this town.
‘Kamiyama no Umeshu’ is well-balanced with richness and sweetness, it also has aged flavor as it’s stored for many years.

Types of alcohol liqueur
Contents 720ml
Ingredients Shochu group Ko(domestic), Plum(from Tokushima), Sugar
Alcohol content 14%
About ’Oshukubai’in Kamiyama
  • Kamiyama-cho is the region richly blessed with nature. The Akui river runs through the center of the town and there are mountains on both banks of the river. In Kamiyama-cho, many types of plum are cultivated. ‘Oshukubai’ is the type of plum which has a thick and hard pulp and it is good for making Umeshu (plum wine) and plum syrup. Tokushima is the largest producer of ‘Oshukubai’ plum in Japan. ‘Oshukubai’is known for attracting people with the inexpressible pleasant aroma when ripe.
  • Why choose it?
    We recommend you to drink it with soda.
    Put lots of ice in a glass and mix ‘Kamiyama no Umeshu’ and soda at the ratio of 3:7 (three to seven). It is also good to drink with hot water during the cold season.
    You can enjoy it in various ways such as drinking it with water or on the rocks.
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