Yuzu Hime
‘Yuzu Hime’ uses the Yuzu juice squeezed the locally cultivated Yuzu.
It is a fruity taste sake with refines sweetness and fresh aroma.

Types of alcohol Liqueur
Contents 500ml
Alcohol content 8%
Ingredients Shochu group Ko(domestic),Sugar,Yuzu juice(from Tokushima),
Authentic Shochu(potato,barley,rice),Acidulant,Flavors
About Yuzu

‘Yuzu’ is a type of citrus and evergreen small tree, and it belongs to the genus Citrus of Rutaceae. Japan is the largest for both production and consumption. Our H.Q. is located in Tokushima where the climate is mild and various citrus fruits are cultivated including Sudashi, Yuzu and orange. The North area of Tokushima has dry Setouchi climate and the South area has wet Taiheiyo climate. The fruits cultivated here are firm and are filled with Umami under the harsh climate environment.

Nutrition comparison of Sudachi, Yuzu and Lemon
Yuzu contains more richer nutrition than Lemon.
Yuzu peels are often thinly sliced for adding flavor to dishes. Lemon is often eated food with squeezing it.
Way of drinking
Just pour it into a glass filled with ice
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